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Does it seem to you that everything in the world around you is shaking? Well, it is! Are you asking, “Why am I so unsettled? Why do I sense such foreboding in my circumstances? Why do I seem to be so scared about what I do not even understand?” Then, this book is for you. Discover in this book answers for your “whys”. There are answers that may surprise you. This book is also for people asking questions that you cannot answer about end-time events.


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 Betsy’s new book,
Creative Living From Original Design,
will be available early 2021



Easy to understand. Answered questions I have had for quite some time.

Amazon customer

I found this book to be scripturally accurate and intellectually written. Author has a unique and powerful way in explaining Gods Word and the great importance of understanding of how to live in peace in a world that seems to be falling apart. Weather you believe the “end times” are coming or not, this is a book that will answer many questions you have been thinking about. It is a book everyone should consider reading!

Bonnie L., Amazon customer

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Betsy is a wife, mother, grandmother and friend who lives to love all people with God’s Love. She is a bond-servant of Almighty God by choice. She committed her life to The Lord Jesus Christ at age 10. He has been guiding her on a life-long journey to know His Voice of Truth above all other voices vying for attention enabling her to triumphantly overcome the many disturbing circumstances in her life. 



What Actually is Authority?

What Actually is Authority?  Have you ever sat still and remained quiet long enough to consider the true meaning and purpose for authority? Do you wonder if authority is factual? Who says so?  Have you asked yourself why authority should be active in my life and my...

Have You Ever Asked Yourself, “Why am I afraid?”

Have you ever considered that fear is a learned behavior? So, if you allowed yourself to learn to fear, you can most certainly choose to unlearn (put out of one’s knowledge or memory) and conquer fear by replacing fear thoughts by thinking, “I don’t want to live in...

How Does Supreme God Reveal Himself!

How Does Supreme God Reveal Himself!

How Does Supreme God Reveal Himself! Throughout this entire book, Infinite Destiny Truth and Wisdom and all the books Betsy writes, The Lord is openly revealing Himself in the fullness of His Shekinah Glory Presence so people living on earth in this era of the...

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