ReadersMagnet, the fastest-growing self-publishing company in the US, featured Betsy Fritcha in the Authors’ Lounge on June 25, 2019. ReadersMagnet Authors’ Lounge is the place where writers can share their voice with the world by inspiring readers with their stories and sharing the authors’ own stories as well. Each week, ReadersMagnet features authors about their books and the authors themselves. The Authors’ Lounge is also the writers’ opportunity to showcase their books so that followers of ReadersMagnet are aware of what is new and they can review the previous features they missed.

When ReadersMagnet featured Betsy Fritcha, the publisher had mentioned about the author and promoted her book Apocalypse: Here and Now! Are You Ready? The article establishes who Betsy is, how she became a writer, and what her journey is. It revealed that Betsy was abandoned as an infant and grew up in an orphanage. As time passed, she learned to overcome the pain of rejection, and the God of Love came to her and put a song in her heart that has never left her. When Betsy was 10 years old, she committed her life to this God of Love and has been on a pursuit to know Him intimately. God taught her how to know His Voice among other voices so that it would empower her to overcome the many troubling situations in her life triumphantly.

Not long, God asked Betsy to publicize His Voice so that He will be heard above all the turmoil of the world. People are so preoccupied with earthly endeavors that steals their focus from God’s Voice. Consequently, God’s Voice, also known as the Voice of Truth, is shredded to mere whispers. Sadly, the only voice that people hear is their own voice, which has absorbed the voice of their surrounding culture and led them to see the truth from this kind of voice. This truth that people regularly experience is not the Voice of Truth.

The Voice of Truth (or the Voice of the Lord God Almighty) hasn’t reached the hearts and minds of the people yet and has been wanting to be heard. He purposely distracts our tranquility so that our peace seems to disappear. During these times, many people reject God’s gestures of love. That is why He steps in and upsets our comfort zones so that He catches our attention. God deeply longs for our fellowship with Him as we are made in His Image and Likeness.

Through Betsy Fritcha’s book Apocalypse: Here and Now? Are You Ready? the Voice of God can now speak to all generations. Betsy persuades the people to listen to the Voice of the Living God who is speaking loudly in these tumultuous days on earth. To those who truly want to hear what He is speaking and truly desire to know what love and truth is saying to you must know that He is speaking so through the Bible and Betsy’s book. God asked Betsy to publish her book to make His Voice heard in the midst of the world’s troubles.

On a lighter note, Betsy wishes that what is written in her book may intrigue you, captivate your attention, and draw you to the One Voice of Truth that matters. It is your choice to establish your destiny: both now and for eternity.

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