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Preoccupation with earthly endeavors steals people’s focus, so that the Voice of Truth they truly need to hear is diminished, most of the time, to mere whispers. Sadly, the voice people hear the most is their own voice, which has inhaled the voice of the cultural environment around them, leading them to perceive truth from these resounding voices which are vying for attention daily. However, the biased truth people are absorbing on a regular basis is not from The One Who is Truth.



GOD, who is LOVE and TRUTH comes to people over and over in their circumstances, to express His Love to them in personal ways. But so many refuse His gestures of Love again and again. LOVE’S purpose is to draw to Himself anyone who will stop and take notice that He is speaking to them. LOVE and TRUTH is a personal GOD who desires fellowship with human beings who are made in His Image and after His Likeness. GOD truly desires to have fellowship with you.

At this time of events on the earth, most people are rejecting GOD’S gestures of Love. Therefore, through the upheaval of world events, GOD is shouting loudly trying to get people to seek Him for the help they need.

The VOICE of GOD speaks to all generations throughout the ages of the ages. His VOICE is written in the scrolls of eternity. GOD’S intent was first written in scroll form in the Torah and the Tanakh which became The Holy Bible. What was chronicled in Holy Scripture was what GOD spoke to His servants, who obeyed Him with all their hearts. He commanded that they record what He spoke to them so future generations could know His VOICE.

In this book, GOD of Heaven and earth is named as GOD, TRUTH and LOVE. He is ONE SUPREME GOD who identifies Himself in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. GOD, The Father, resides in Jesus and Holy Spirit, He and expresses Himself as TRUTH AND LOVE. Yet, these three separate personalities are One complete circle of existence known as Life.

Living GOD has a VOICE that is speaking loudly in these tumultuous days on earth. Are you listening? Do you truly want to hear what He is speaking? Do you truly desire to know what LOVE and TRUTH is saying to you? If so, may you truly hear what He is speaking to you through what He is saying in The Holy Bible – Romans 10:14-20; and as well, in this book, Apocalypse Here and Now! Are You Ready?, which He asked me to publish for Him.

I was struggling with putting yet another book in publication because there are so many books out there. Why would I want to put another one out there? As I was pondering not writing this book for publication, even though it was on my heart to do so, I heard the VOICE of TRUTH and LOVE that I know so well reverberate:

“Would you be willing to write this book for just “one”? There is one I want to reach.”

How could I say no. I replied, “There is always “one” among the many. Yes, I will write this book.” So, this book is just for you, the “one”.

May what is written in the pages of this book intrigue you and captivate your attention and draw you to the ONE VOICE of TRUTH that matters for your eternal destiny. True Peace and contentment can be achieved in the middle of chaos for those who choose Truth above lies.



Truth exposes what we thought we knew. The reality we know is what we were taught from those who put thoughts in our minds, whether or not it was Truth. These thoughts became implanted in our minds as Truth, because we accepted thoughts into our minds without truly considering the value of those thoughts.

My own searching heart pursued TRUTH to find an answer. I hope that what I have discovered will assist you in making your own decision. The following pages in this book disclose what GOD made known to me. I based my own personal journey on The Bible where the true answers for life are found. I know no other reliable Source of Truth. So, I share with you  my personal journey hoping you are prompted to find some answers for yourself and then continue to pursue Truth for your own life.

The subject of taking the mark of the beast – Revelation 13 has been debated down through the centuries. Many are asking, “How does the evil mark of the beast come into use? How do those who desire Truth avoid taking the mark of the beast?” Many theories abound concerning this subject. Keep in mind while internalizing Truth concerning the mark of the beast that taking this mark is a choice. Choices establish eternal destiny.

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Apocalypse; Here and Now! Are You Ready? by Betsy Fritcha

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