Here are the books that Betsy Fritcha wrote and the compelling reasons why to buy and read them:

If somebody wrote you love letters and you loved it, would you read those letters or just let them catch dust? We must never overlook God’s Love letters to us as written in His Word of Truth, the Bible. There are those who ask why should I read the Bible or Betsy Fritcha’s books?  Why not read them and consider what is presented in them that can enhance your present circumstances according to how you freely choose. These are not ordinary books.

Shekinah Glory Reveals Wisdom: The Voice of the Lord Speaks (May 18, 2017)

This book is unique in that it is written in Almighty God’s first-person Voice speaking directly to the reader. Betsy did not editorialize what He said but rather wrote exactly what He spoke to her from her daily intimate relationship with Him. He mandated that she write exactly what He spoke in order to convey His Heart and Truth in making His Voice known above all other voices vying for attention.

This book is written for those who are tired of the “same old, same old.”  This book refreshes the minds and hearts of the readers. What is written in this book is Truth from God’s Heart of Love that will uplift and encourage people to know Truth, as He wants to be known. Read this book for the purpose of making a personal choice in your heart and mind to follow God’s Voice of Truth that edifies and enhances your life.

Israel’s Glory Unveiled (October 18, 2017) 

The Spirit of God is openly revealing and unraveling hidden mysteries that He has kept hidden in the words of the Bible until His time came to unveil them in order to fulfill them. Holy Spirit openly unveils concealed revelation knowledge and wisdom that has always been in the Bible relating to end-of-time events because God’s time has come to fulfill them.  He is unfolding how world governments that have been set up my mankind’s own doing ends, and His Kingdom of Righteousness and Justice is established on earth as it is in Heaven and continues to reign supreme forever.

Readers will learn how Supreme God establishes His Kingdom of Righteousness on earth; how Israel and the nations fit into end-of-time events that fulfill the prophecies His prophets recorded; open revelation knowledge about how the Throne of David is established on earth fulfilling what God’s Holy prophets recorded in the Bible that are being accomplished at this time on earth; revelation truth on Jesus’ return, and so much more.

Reviews Betsy received on Israel’s Glory Unveiled: “Easy to understand. Answered questions I have had for quite some time.”

Apocalypse: Here and Now! Are you Ready? (January 8, 2019)

This book will intrigue you and captivate your attention and draw you to the One True Voice that brings contentment and true peace in the middle of chaos all around you.  One of the secrets revealed in this book is that true peace and contentment can be achieved in the middle of chaos for those who choose to listen to the Voice of Love and Truth above lying voices.

Most people in today’s world are inhaling what the cultural environment around them is dictating, truly believing what is being fed into their minds is truth. This book hopefully intrigues you enough to delve into more understanding concerning how mistruth is causing people not to seek Truth.  In this book, evil aliens, genetic manipulation are being exposed as lies; as well, how the mark of the beast is forcing people on earth to make an eternal choice; also presented is God’s hope in tumultuous times along with His remedy against these lies.

This book will answer some questions you have been pondering and, hopefully prompt you to seek answers in God’s Infallible Word, the Holy Bible. As you willingly ask God of Love and Truth to give you understanding of what you are reading in this book and in the Holy Bible, He will show you truthful conclusions to things that you may not know in fullness.  God of Heaven and earth wants you to know that He is Truth and Love Who wants you to truly know Him in relationship. He is waiting for you to seek Him and find Him so you can have fellowship with Him as He Created you to enjoy with Him both now in this life on earth and for Eternity. 

Look for her new book coming out in 2020: Infinite Destiny Truth and Wisdom that takes the reader on an interactive supernatural journey revealing how people redeemed by Jesus’ Blood Sacrifice can creatively shape and determine their environment on earth and for eternity thus fulfilling their unique destiny throughout eternity.  This book is based on Betsy’s lifetime of interactive supernatural journeys Holy God took her on that are beyond her capability to do just as they were to those who experienced these supernatural experiences as recorded in The Holy Bible. 

Through these holy encounters He asked Betsy to publish, Awesome God is revealing that He Created all human beings in His Image and Likeness with the same creative capability He has that gives them the ability to exist beyond their present capabilities and creatively create as He Creatively Creates; and in this, fulfill their uniquely Designed destiny to creatively fashion their environment as they desire for it to be. This is truly a uniquely captivating book.

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