God’s Love is Perfect, lavish, faithful, unconditional, all-encompassing, pure, everlasting, sacrificial, strong and enduring, refreshing, redeeming, inspiring, hope-filled, gracious and is extended to us in so many ways. 

God’s Love is NOT based on our skills, talents, abilities or our striving to prove our value.  We are Created valuable in the eyes of a Loving God, who has no boundaries or limitations. He writes a love letter to each one of us as found in the Holy Bible.  His Love Words in the Bible breathes into each one of us forgiveness, grace, hope, peace, and power to overcome our human weaknesses.  

I would like to challenge you to personally open up The Bible for yourself and read what He writes just for you that truly gives you the opportunity to accept His unconditional Love for yourself.  I could write out Bible passages for you, but that robs you of how the only God of Love wants to personally speak to you to give you help and support in whatever you are experiencing at the present moment.

The following Bible verses listed below can help you and encourage you to search out God’s Perfect Love for yourself. God of Love reveals Himself in The Bible. God’s Love as written in The Bible gives you hope and direction for daily living in overcoming any adverse circumstances. Holy God’s Perfect Love takes away all fear and instills hope within you so you can keep on keeping on when all around you seems in disruption and chaos.  I pray for you to be encouraged to stand strong in His Perfect Love for you and all people.

Seek Supreme God for yourself, and you will find Him.  He says so: “I publicly proclaim bold promises. I have not spoken in secret dark places. I would not have told people to seek Me, if I could not be found.  I, The Lord, speak only what is true and declare only what is right.” – Isaiah 45:19

Check out God’s Love and Hope for you in the Bible:

1 John 4:7-11              John 14:23-27      

1 John 3                      John 15:9-17

John 3:16-17               Romans 5:5-8

1 Peter 4:8                  Romans 8:31-35

1 Corinthians 13         Romans 12:10-21

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