Have you ever considered that fear is a learned behavior? So, if you allowed yourself to learn to fear, you can most certainly choose to unlearn (put out of one’s knowledge or memory) and conquer fear by replacing fear thoughts by thinking, “I don’t want to live in fear. I want to live knowing I don’t have to give fear a place in my life.” Then, you choose to want to transform your thinking. When your decision is made, you can step out unafraid and begin transforming your mind by replacing fear thoughts with Holy God-thoughts as found in God’s Holy Word, The Holy Bible and other books written by people who have learned how to overcome fear. We all need each other to help get us over the bombardments from evil that attacks our lives.

The story of Job in the Holy Bible reveals that Job realized he gave the spirit of fear a place in his life. When he finally recognized this, he said, The thing I feared the most came upon me.  The very thing he feared the most was that he would lose His children and his possessions. This became a reality in his life by his always thinking this could happen. When he realized his fearful thinking caused what he feared to happen to him, he changed his thinking and Holy God restored to him what the evil spirit of fear had taken from him.

You must know in Truth that fear is an evil spirit that wants to control your life. When you continually think, “I’m afraid!” and then act according to your words of fear, you cause the spirit of fear an entrance into your life by welcoming this evil spirit into your life through how you think and act. This evil spirit of fear sees how you react in situations it purposefully orchestrates that are tailor made for you. Then by how you react to its suggestions, invades your thoughts and comes into your life and sets up a stronghold fortress with the purpose of never leaving. When you give in to this spirit of fear and intimidation, you give this evil spirit of fear and intimidation power over you by it telling you what you will do.  You think it’s you, when it is not you. So you come into agreement with what this evil spirit tells you. This evil spirit hides in your personality making you truly think and believe you are the one who is afraid of what you cannot see or what you do not know.

Thoughts are doings. What you think, happens because thoughts cause action – good or evil. Take the time to absorb and act on Jesus’ Words in Matthew chapters 5-7. What you continually think on in the heart of your mind, is the exact action you will take.

Betsy’s books Apocalypse Here and Now! Are You Ready? and Infinite Destiny Truth and Wisdom will guide you into knowing God’s Voice so you can make free-will choices as to how you will live your Life here on earth and for Eternity.

Always remember, True God does not give you fear. He gives you Love, Peace, and a sound mind to choose as you will. The devil give you fear and feeds you lies. Who do you choose? Only you can decide how you will choose to react to negative thoughts that the evil spirit of fear and intimidation feeds you, which is truly a lie. Holy God is Truth and Light; and in Him is no darkness at all. What He teaches you is no lie. It is TRUTH and LIGHT that Eternally keeps you from evil thinking and accepting deceptive lies!

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