How Does Supreme God Reveal Himself!

Throughout this entire book, Infinite Destiny Truth and Wisdom and all the books Betsy writes, The Lord is openly revealing Himself in the fullness of His Shekinah Glory Presence so people living on earth in this era of the culmination of all things, as we know them to be, can align their lives and join in with those who are obeying Him in establishing His Kingdom of Righteousness on the earth and for Infinity. Holy God is revealing how He is re-establishing The Eternal Circle of Life that has been disrupted by evil so His Original Plan for Heaven and earth to operate as one complete and Holy function is established throughout Infinity.

This book, Infinite Destiny Truth and Wisdom, is Betsy’s personal interactive journey to reveal a Holy God who walks alongside His people Created in His Image and after His Likeness. The Holy supernatural revelation encounters written in this book are not to be kept secret. They are written for all those who desire to know how Creative God shows Himself as Supreme God above all other gods who are merely idols of people’s making.

Here is an example of how Infinite Destiny Truth and Wisdom, is interactively written:

As I sat in quietness before The Lord, Jeremiah 36 emerged in my spirit.       While I was reading in Jeremiah 36 these words stood out to me:

The Lord gave this message to Jeremiah

Get a scroll, and write down all My messages

read the messages from the Lord that are on this scroll

tell us how you got these messages.  Did they come directly from Jeremiah?

Jeremiah dictated them to me word by word, and I wrote down His Words with ink on this scroll.”

The Lord resounded:

“Make public what I have spoken to you. You are hearing from Me as did all those whom I mandate to speak for Me. They wrote down what they heard from Me. So are you are hearing from Me and writing down with ink on paper My Words I speak to you.  Trust Me!

“Betsy, I want you to publish this book in the exact way I appeared to you and personally spoke to you to make Myself known as I desire to be known.  Those who want to emulate or imitate what I have spoken to you may do so by an act of their will in obedience to My Spirit operations. What is written in this book reveals Who I AM.  Only, in your obedience to Me to write exactly as I have openly spoken and revealed Myself to you, am I seen in the fullness of My Glory Fire Presence.  I have openly revealed Myself to you for My Purposes.  It is not about you!  It is about Me!  I AM is still speaking!

 “It was I, the Lord, who decided this long ago.  Long ago I planned what I am now causing to happen.   Isaiah 37:26 NLT

“I will write down all these things as a testimony of what the Lord will do.  I will entrust it to my disciples, who will pass it down to future generations.”  Isaiah 8:16

As I was preparing to obey The Lord’s instructions to me, I was pondering within myself, “How can people understand these Holy supernatural experiences and interactions with You that openly reveal Your manifest Presence?”

The Lord emphatically stated:

“It’s not up to you whether or not they understand.  It’s up to you to publish what I speak and reveal to you as I have spoken it and worked in you through your cooperation. I have revealed My Knowledge to you that I want others to know for their prosperity; if, by an act of their will, they choose to receive Me. This is My doing, not yours.  I have those who will hear what The Spirit of The Lord is saying.  They will come and tell you so.”

Yes, Lord! I will obey you even when I do not fully understand Your Purposes for my publishing these Holy supernatural reality interactions I experienced. Your Will be done!  Your Kingdom come!

The Lord continued:

“You are preparing the Way for others to experience Holy Spirit supernatural operations for the Glory of My Kingdom coming on earth. This is a cooperative operation between Heaven and earth. You are going before the people to bring My Glory Presence on the scene of human history. To those who willingly and completely surrender themselves to Me to work in them those things that are pleasing in My Sight, I reveal Myself.  In this, My Righteous Kingdom of Authority is established on earth as it is in Heaven.”

Betsy knows of no other books, other than The Holy Bible, that record and publish ongoing supernatural interactive communication between Holy God and a human person that is for all people to experience if they choose to wholeheartedly listen and obey His Voice that brings lasting results for their present and Eternal well-being.

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