Betsy Fritcha’s interview on “This Week in America with Ric Bratton” was very enlightening. Betsy found the show undoubtedly enjoyable. The author was actually enthusiastic to be a guest on Ric’s show. She joyfully and profusely gave out responses that listeners will truly find enriching.

What happened next was very amusing. While Betsy was responding to Ric’s inquiries, her dog barked in the background as if he seemed to agree Betsy’s statements. Ric chuckled at that moment! Ric even commented that Betsy’s dog seems to agree with her proclamation of God. Betsy responded laughing not being shaken by the unexpected, “Yes, he does.”

Besides sharing about herself, Betsy was equally passionate in divulging the details about Apocalypse: Here and Now! Are You Ready.  Listeners will find this book intriguing as Betsy reveals that she questioned why publish another book as there are so many books out there; and the response she received was that this book was to be written for the “one” who would listen and respond. So she followed through and published Apocalypse for the purpose of making an everlasting impact on each reader who is “the one”.

Ultimately, Betsy sends a striking message to the listeners. Betsy prays the people who walk in darkness will see the Light of God’s marvelous Truth. All of us have an eternal choice to make in our lives, and Holy God wants us to make eternal choices while the opportunity is available. Betsy ends the show with the verse from Isaiah 45 where God states that He would not say He could be found as Truth, if He could not be found. She hopes and prays that this book will prod people to choose to live in peace and harmony both now and for eternity. What a wonderful message Betsy has for all of us!

To listen to the full interview of Betsy Fritcha, visit the recorded stream of “This Week in America with Ric Bratton” online at You can also watch the video version on YouTube by clicking this link: To watch the trailer, click this link:

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