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Here are some positive reviews from Amazon readers who have read Betsy Fritcha’s books:

Reviews on Apocalypse: Here and Now! Are you Ready?

By Jeff H.:

This book is an excellent resource

This book is excellently composed and it is very insightful. God’s truths in the Bible are linked together and expounded upon in a very easy read. I highly recommend it for anyone wanting to know more about God. It is inspiration in a concentrated form. I have found this book to be valuable in ministry at the county jail and homeless mission.

By Bonnie L.:

Find peace in an uncertain world

I found this book to be scripturally accurate and intellectually written. The author has a unique and powerful way in explaining God’s Word and the great importance of understanding of how to live in peace in a world that seems to be falling apart. Whether you believe the “end times” are coming or not, this is a book that will answer many questions you have been thinking about. It is a book everyone should consider reading!

By Josh:

Promptly received

I had this product as a gift. So interesting I ordered these to give to others. It is of great interest and well-written.

By Ashley D.:

How Can We Find Truth and Love

Is truth arbitrary and only dependent on what seems right to you? Can there be multiple answers to what is truth? Can answers that contradict each other, still both be called truth? If any of these thoughts, senses and feelings apply to where you are and if what you are looking for, is something solid that you can base your life on, read this book and find the answer.

This book provides the way to discover truth and personifies Truth and Love. You will find the way to know and trust the source of truth, as the author shows how words given by God to His prophets and recorded in the Bible came to pass tens, hundreds and even thousands of years later, validating the source of those words. What came to pass was not a coincidence, but the fulfillment of a long-ago plan. When the source validates His words, by fulfilling what was foretold, you can begin trusting that source. When multiple prophesies, given by the same ultimate source, though not always given by the same prophet, come to pass exactly as prophesied, you know that, that source spoke truth.

Read this book and learn more how to increase your faith and trust in Truth who is personified Love, and called the Way, the Truth and Life – John 14:5. Choose to surrender yourself to Truth and He will guide you throughout your life to continually walk in The Way, The Truth, and The Light.

Reviews on Shekinah Glory Reveals Wisdom: The Voice of the Lord Speaks

From a Kindle Customer:

Listen to the words of the Lord, pray and obey.

This is not your average book on prophecy. God chooses His servants and equips them to be bold and confident in speaking the messages He is sending based on His written word. The author is a true intercessor and has a true relationship with Him in order to motivate Gods people to obedience and preparation. We prophesy in part and know in part.

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