What Actually is Authority?

 Have you ever sat still and remained quiet long enough to consider the true meaning and purpose for authority? Do you wonder if authority is factual? Who says so?  Have you asked yourself why authority should be active in my life and my circumstances? 

 Let’s consider together the importance of authority and how, when properly applied, stabilizes society and our own personal lives.

 First, it must be recognized and accepted that Authority originates with Supreme and Holy God of Heaven and earth. If this is not established, then authority can be whatever human minds and wills want it to be. However, when human minds and wills are in total control, the truth of authority diminishes to chaos, and anarchy results because human beings are making their own rules of authority that lead to total confusion, disorder, and unrest.

 Whether you personally accept that Supreme is God is Authority or not, does not change the factual Truth that Supreme God alone is Ultimate Authority.  He is Sovereign and Perfect in all His Ways. In His Perfect Love, He Created human beings in His own Image and Likeness to be like Himself in expressing Love and Authority for the good of the earth they live in and toward other human beings so all Creation can live in Peace and Harmony.

 Authority is God!  Authority comes from God!  Authority creates harmony or discord according to how it is used.

 Ask yourself this, “How am I supposing that authority is to work on earth? “Is the way I see and use authority working for me personally and bringing Peace and Harmony into my life and circumstances? “If not, consider this. Your understanding and use of authority is tainted. You have inadvertently slipped into lies that you have heard all your life which has molded your thinking and robbed you of Truth. 

 Only God’s Word in The Holy Bible divulges the True use and purpose for Authority. I challenge you to take the Bible Plunge and dip into the Living Waters of Life and Truth to discover for yourself why authority must have a prominent role in your life if you are to truly have Peace and Harmony in every area of your life that lasts for Eternity.

 Begin by doing a search engine inquiry: What does the Bible say about authority. Then, follow all the Bible verses displayed by opening up and looking at these verses in you own Holy Bible that is preferably a reference Bible and a translation that you can understand. New Living Translation is easy to read and understand. This will take you on an adventure in learning Truth about God and Authority.

 Ask questions as you read these verses in your Bible. God is listening and He will guide you to find answers for yourself. The answers you discover will benefit you and nothing can ever again dissuade you from Truth; that is, if you choose to believe and put into action in your own life what The Holy Bible is speaking to your heart.


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