What is Faith?

 Have you ever asked yourself, what exactly is faith? How can I know if faith exists? If faith does exist, how does it work? How can I know faith is working for me?

Faith is action that is observable. Faith discloses how you react when you are under pressure that never seems to let up. What do you trust in as your anchor to hold onto when everything around you is shaking and crumbling to the point of no return as to what you have always known?

Faith is what you trust in for security when you have no answers for your dilemma. Faith speaks loudly when you need answers to your questions.

Faith holds you up as a buoy in the ocean of tragedy. Faith is a person who came from Heaven with the way of truth out of every predicament you could ever face. Faith is a person who has the answer to every need you could ever have. Do you know who this person is? If you so choose, buy a Holy Bible and a concordance which has words, such as faith, that direct you to where this word is spoken in all places in the Bible. Then, diligently search each place faith is mentioned in the Bible and then read all the words around the word faith to learn about this person and how faith works. As you read, ask questions expecting to discover the answers you are looking for. Then apply what you read trusting this faith that produces results.

Faith lives inside you whether you accept or dismiss this fact. You were born with faith inside you that must be activated by an act of your will. When you decide to activate this innate faith within you, your circumstances will respond to how you choose to act when facing circumstances beyond your control.

The quest to find out what faith is can be known if you search for it with all your heart. You must first make the choice to find out what faith is, and then diligently pursue your search by asking questions until you are satisfied that you found what you are looking for. The rest is up to you as to how you activate this faith that is innately inside you.

Seek until you find who faith is and how faith upholds you during trying times of upheaval. Keep on searching until you know how faith operates in you and through you. Never give up until you are fully satisfied that faith is in you and working to carry you through all kinds of upheaval. You will know when faith is in you and working when you have peace and contentment in all kinds of situations that you never had before. Faith is now your anchor upholding you and keeping you secure no matter your circumstances.

Betsy Fritcha’s book Apocalypse Here and Now: Are You Ready takes you on an adventurous journey to discover things beyond the way you may presently think because of becoming unsuspectingly ingrained in cultural ways of thinking. Treat yourself and learn how to live and act by faith so your anchor holds in the stormy seas of life. Blessings of true peace await you.

Bon Voyage!


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