Why Being an Author for God is a Gift

Writing is a talent from God. Although it is possible to acquire such talent through practice, some people are just so blessed that they have the natural ability to weave beautiful words together. If you consider yourself a natural writer, then you should be extremely grateful to God. In essence, knowing how to speak your mind and heart out through the use of written words is a very special gift from Him. So, you should be thankful for it and put it to good use as much as possible.

Being an author for God, particularly, is the best way to maximize your God-given talent in writing. Being an author for God basically means using your talent to write books, essays, poems, and other literary works that glorify God and spread His holy Word. Betsy Fritcha is a great example of a very talented writer who does exactly this. She uses her God-given talent in authoring books that resonate the sacred message of God Himself. Apocalypse Here and Now! Are You Ready?, the book of Betsy Fritcha on Voice of God, is particularly a deep and beautifully-crafted book that teaches people so many things they need to know about God, especially today when almost everyone is preoccupied by earthly endeavors. Just by reading her book, you can easily recognize the God-given talent that lies in Betsy Fritcha’s writing. Being an author for God is truly a gift for several reasons.

Being an author for God is a journey toward growth

Dedicating your talent to God allows you to grow constantly. Here, growth essentially refers to personal growth and spiritual growth. By authoring for God, you are basically enhancing your ability or developing your innate talent. Every literary piece that you write for God can give you so many lessons about writing and about life in general. It can train you as an author, and it can even teach you some things about yourself that you did not know before. More importantly, being an author for God greatly improves your spirituality. When you constantly write about God and for God, you are essentially allowing yourself to learn more about Him. More so, you are doing a great service not just to God, but to your fellow Christians as well.

Being an author for God is a way of connecting deeply with Him

As mentioned, being an author for God allows you to learn more about Him. Now, learning more about God and understanding His message better is the most significant step toward building a deep connection with Him. Just like in any other relationship, you cannot establish a deep and genuine connection with someone until you both exert the effort to know and understand each other better. The same thing goes with your relationship with God. In order to become closer to God, you need to make the effort of knowing Him more profoundly. More so, you must also allow God to learn more about you. You can do all of these things by being an author for Him. Writing for God is essentially a learning process and a bond between you and God Himself.

Being an author for God is a fulfillment of your purpose

Everyone is created into this world for a reason. Essentially, you exist because you have a purpose. Even before you were born, God has already laid out His plans for your life. He has already determined what He wants you to do and what He wants you to be. It is only a matter of self-reflection for you to realize this. Now, if you constantly feel a burning passion for writing within you, then perhaps being an author is your true purpose in life. God has given you the talent to write simply because He wants you to write about Him and for Him. He is using you as an instrument in spreading His sacred message across the world. Therefore, being an author for God is ultimately a fulfillment of your purpose here on earth. God created you to be an author. Your talent in writing is not something that comes out of nowhere. It is a gift from God, so you should be thankful for it!

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