Why Faith is Important in Our Life

As the world currently faces some challenges and difficulties, there is a need for us to have faith now more than ever. Having faith does not simply mean praying out of obligation. It is a commitment that we ourselves choose to honor God and live by His example. Faith is the constant act of seeking and understanding what God wants us to do, and where He wants us to go.

In the current world where chaos and immorality are becoming commonplace, it has become easy to lose track of our ourselves. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to hear the voice of God in a sea of noises. In the book Apocalypse Here and Now: Are You Ready, particularly, author Betsy Fritcha argued that our preoccupation with earthly endeavors steals our focus, so that the Voice of Truth that we truly need to hear is diminished. When we fail to hear such voice, our lives can become nothing but chaotic. Faith takes this possibility away.

If we have faith, we will never lose track of the Voice of Truth no matter how noisy it becomes. Faith keeps our feet on the ground. It is essential in our lives. To understand more about why we should all live by faith, especially in these difficult times, below are some of the fundamental reasons why faith is important in our life.

Faith takes away our anxiety, fear, and stress

Nowadays, it is easy to allow anxiety, fear, and stress to run our lives. Indeed, life is becoming more and more difficult each day. Sometimes, the challenges and problems that life throws at us can become too overwhelming that they lead us to a breaking point. When this happens, it is not only our physical well-being that is jeopardized, but also our mental and spiritual well-being. To avoid this, we need to learn to harbor faith. It is through faith that our situation improves. When we have faith, we always believe that God will help us overcome any obstacle that comes our way, and He certainly will. This strong belief in the power and mercy of God is what can drive all of our anxieties, fears, and stress away.

Faith helps us discover our purpose in life

Sometimes, the difficulty of life can be enough to make us question our very purpose here on earth. When we are constantly bombarded with challenges and problems, there is a tendency for us to feel as if the world is against us or as if giving up is our only option left. This is not true, however. We are all here on earth for a reason. We all have our purposes. The problems that life throws at us are mere challenges that test our endurance, resilience, and faith. Faith is what gives us that constant helping hand. It works to guide us and help us move closer toward our purpose. When we have faith, we believe that God has plans for us, and that He puts us here on earth for a very special reason. When we have faith, we will never falter in our pursuit of purpose.

Faith leads us toward salvation

This is perhaps the main reason why faith is important in our life – our faith is the foundation of our salvation. When we have faith, we do not simply believe in our earthly wealth and capabilities. Instead, we believe in something greater than all of us – the power and mercy of God, and the unconditional love of our one true savior, Jesus Christ. Believing in Christ is the only way toward salvation. Only Him can redeem us and save us from our sins. When we have faith in Him, we tend to live by His example. We imitate Him and follow all of His teachings – these things are what can save from the darkness of our sin.

Overall, in these difficult times when we all seem to be drowning in fear, anxiety, stress, and uncertainties, faith is the only thing that can calm us. It is the only thing that can help us discover our true purpose in life. As the world wallows in chaos and immorality, it has become utterly necessary to be faithful now more than ever. Faith is such a powerful thing that it can save us from all of our mishaps and sins. It leads us toward the right direction, and keeps us from being distracted by the senseless noises of the world. When we have faith, we will never lose track of the Voice of Truth, and our souls will never go hungry, terrified, and resentful. As Betsy Fritcha has put it, “True peace and contentment can be achieved in the middle of chaos for those who choose truth above lies.”

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